azur lane clearing mode normal

Limit-breaking increases a ship's stats and also provides certain bonuses including extra gun mounts, bonus equipment efficiency, and torpedo preloads. A drop-only SSR DD with good stats, a powerful torpedo, and purple plates. Unicorn is a healing CVL, similar to. Clearing Mode doesn't spawn any escort fleets, instead only the Boss Node is spawned. High firepower, gun efficiency and a skill that increases reload. This includes taking into account what ships you bring, what equipment they have, and whether they work well together as a fleet. This commonly applies to Chapters 4 through 8. While in early worlds you can use only one fleet to clear a map, this does not hold true on later maps, where you need to clear 5 or 6 nodes until the boss nodes appears. Requires retrofit to bring to max capability. For new players, 2-2 can be your leveling ground to push for higher chapters with a chance to get a healing CVL and a decent evasion aux for cruisers. But I think at least removing airstrikes and ambushes when the area is considered safe is a reasonable request. Proc-reliant skill that allows her to evade all attacks for a period of time, as well as dealing doubledamage at the same time.

Powerful sustain skill coupled with being a gunboat allows for consistent DPS.

Healing skill per airstrike plus low reload, along with a reload buff skill for the frontline gives her the capability to be an excellent support to the escort fleet. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed.

If you have the gems to spare, you can marry a ship to give her further stat bonuses, although it is not really needed to do so.

Early on, a level advantage can tide you over Chapters 1 through 3, even with sub-standard equips. You can then form a clear fleet (or trash fleet) to take care of the nodes before boss, and the boss fleet, which takes on the boss itself. Improving your fleet to its optimal status, as well as clearing maps will take quite a lot of resources as well. Relevant pages: Affection, Leveling guide. Commonly used to nuke bosses and high HP enemies. Also the first map with purple plates as drop. This page was last modified on 27 September 2020, at 08:46.

When Clearing Mode is enabled, a button called Fleet Lock appears. Of course, for the ships to perform their job, they need their equipment. The tradeoff is her terrible torpedo damage., Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. Great firepower, a skill which boosts it further, and low cost due to her rarity.

nodes in this map may make for a good. Double dive bomber slots allow them potent clearing capability. You can try this mode as many times as you want but the high score will be unaffected by runs done on this mode. The Challenge Mode is a game mode available for commanders that are level 80 and above where you will use one fleet to clear various stages for score for rewards.

Double Line: Increases Evasion by 30%, but decrease… Excellent for clear fleets. By 3-starring maps, you can gain rewards such as gems, chests, cubes, and Bulins/Purins so make sure you take the time to do so. Good for a solo backline or for damage. Unlimited Mode is unlocked after clearing Normal Mode. Tier lists may provide other perspectives on which ships are good or bad, but it is good to remember that they are always subjective. You can try this mode as many times as you want but the high score will be unaffected by runs done on this mode. Offense skill that increase HE damage, along with a smokescreen skill for extra defense against aircraft. Chinese trio). But I think at least removing airstrikes and ambushes when the area is considered safe is a reasonable request. Requires retrofit to bring her to max capability. Best general-purpose BB main gun in the game. Chapters 9 and above is the point where fleet composition and synergy matters, as the enemies are closing on to your level advantage. Choosing the right equipment for your ships is also a proper step to improving your fleet. A second fleet will be necessary. Have all mob fleets spawn at once so we can pick the weakest fleets to clear before going straight to boss. At this point, you have three main tasks ahead of you: improving your fleet, collecting resources and progressing through maps. if the HM still having airstrike n ambush even with "clear mode" then normal map pretty much wont have it. There are also tierlists as to which equipment is more effective than others. For JP players, the optimal method to farming is to use as few ships as possible. 1. The guide below shows the different methods in which you can level your ships. After clearing the Normal Mode of the current season challenge you will be rewarded with a chat frame. Therefore, it is important to choose the right ships to invest in at the start. Also a good AA gun. ... Subreddit for the mobile game Azur Lane. Also, note that this guide is meant to help you progress through the game; that is to say that this is not a checklist or mandatory to-do. High HP and evasion, along with a damage reduction skill, gives her the ability to stay healthy on the battlefield.

We apologise for any inconvenience you may experience using this page. Drop-only from 3-4. Decent fighter plane as well for carriers. Decent drop-only CL gunboat, along with a high DPS AA gun and the best dive bomber. When the button is toggled on, the Formation is skipped and battle begins immediately. Commonly in boss fleets to support major damage dealers. NOTE: Z23 is a collection reward in JP. Same as Unicorn, but has an airpower buff skill for carriers at Kai instead of the reload skill. Unlimited Mode. Good drop-only CL with support skill and high torpedo stat. Consistent DPS as a gunboat and high evasion and HP makes for a great solo frontline in a clear fleet. Like I know skipping to the boss is pretty out of the question. This page is currently under construction.

What next? In training skills, it would do good to focus on skills that your core ships will be using, then proceed on developing skills for skill-reliant ships that you also wish to use (e.g. Akagi and Kaga as stated above make a great duo, and are drop-only in this map. Azur Lane is a game where you can progress reasonably even if you are playing casually or in it only for the waifus.

Limit-breaking (or "LBing") uses copies of the ship or Bulins, for ships of SR rarity or lower, and Purins, for ships of SSR rarity. Doing the daily raids, hard mode attempts and quests can give you enough in the way of important resources, and the Backyard and Auditorium allow you to level ships passively. You've downloaded the game, and played through the tutorial (if you haven't, see above). Phoenix and Cleveland are decent gunboat CLs that have great survivability. There are different types of equipment you can use depending on your stage in the game and enemies to defeat, and the BiS (best-in-slot) equipment can be different for each ship. There are several ways in which you can get the optimal equipment you need: Relevant pages: Equipment list, Core Data shop, Equipment drop table. This game mode does not consume any fuel or morale and doesn't give any rewards. For CN players, it is important to consider when to LB ships as LBing also increases oil cost. Creating a farming fleet setup prioritizes being able to clear the map with the lowest oil cost possible. Toolboxes are staple equipment for DD/CL. Kinda like this event's clear mode but with airstrikes and ambushes still present. Decent CL gun for BB secondaries, great DD gun for general use, and best AP CL gun readily available. Soon though, you'll hit a wall: the ships you currently own aren't enough to pass the next map.

While Rarity can be a decent indicator of a good ship, it is not all-encompassing--one can get more from investing in Leander, a Normal unit, than with San Diego, an SSR unit, for instance. Normal Mode. Though it has no effect appearance-wise, the formations applies buffs to certain stats. This allows the stage to be cleared in a single battle, allowing the much quicker collection of Retrofit Blueprints.

For common questions, please refer to FAQ. Normal Mode consists of 5 different stages and ships which are randomly changed every Monday throughout the period the challenge is active. At some point, you may want to farm maps for their drop-only ships, purple plates or equipment BPs. We still have to fight mobs before going to the boss but we won't have to reset after a few fights (and waste oil) if the randomly spawned nodes turn out to be too difficult(like those red triangle BBs in W10). Low cost for excellent damage and damage-oriented skills. Decent aux for carriers. The ships used for enhancing will be consumed; therefore it is recommended to only use Normal rarity girls, as Rare and above can be traded for medals in the Retire screen. Additionally, the amount of ? Also adds extra ammo to the fleet, good for 3-starring later maps. NOTE: Ayanami is a collection reward in both EN and CN., Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. Commonly used in clear fleets. Players can choose a formation before battle. Paired together, they bring absolute dominance with low cooldown for the first airstrike and increased damage when in the same fleet.

Requires retrofit to bring her to max capability. Not sure if someone has brought up this before, but wouldn't it be cool if clear mode was added to normal missions?

To get a fleet to the best it can be, it will take quite a lot of time and resources to make them battle-ready. The following is a list of ships that are recommended to invest in early on. High DPS AA gun. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Great! Best dive bomber in the game in terms of DPS. Good parallel torpedo bomber. The easiest way to get affection is by sortieing the ship and let them get MVP. Requires retrofit to bring to max capability. It also increases the level cap in the EN and JP versions. Drop-only SSR CA with high torpedo and good skill, along with a decent CA gun. Great as a solo backline or for damage. Doing the daily raids, hard mode attempts and quests can give you enough in the way of important resources, and the Backyard and Auditorium allow you to level ships passively.

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