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But even a 6' greenhouse can be a treat to a gardener with cabin fever. United Kingdom Ireland Deutschland Sverige Request a Catalog × ≡ Main Menu.

Horticultural glass lets in the most light, is long lasting and is easily replaced if broken.

The lean-to style takes advantage of an existing wall, for example a south facing house or garage wall. Hartley offer a range of standard colours which will suit most situations, but can also provide ‘non- standard’ colours upon request.

Most commercial or production greenhouses are usually wider and range from 20 feet and up. Finally, your Hartley greenhouse can be custom built to provide for your exact needs – not only for your growing requirements, but also for relaxing, and to provide an escape from our hectic world. Timber, usually cedar, is attractive but more expensive, and needs more upkeep. The Hartley 3 pane length Cottage 6 or Tradition 6 will be the models to consider if this is the size for you. This model features toughened safety glass windows which are 4mm thick.

4', 6', 8', 10' etc. No other greenhouse can compare to a Hartley.

or you can skip straight to our selection of greenhouses below. And please, take good note of the height of the entrance to the greenhouse.

An 8’ x 10’ model fitted like this will give you surfaces for early season seed trays. It’s best to go for one that’s at least 6ft wide; 8ft wide will enable you to put staging (shelves) on both sides. This greenhouse is designed in the traditional apex, shed-style shape. It’s better at maintaining a constant temperature.

When measuring your site don't be tempted to squeeze a quart into a pint pot!

It will only take 30 seconds and we will aim to have it with you the next working day! There's lots to consider – we explain the options. Greenhouse Buying Guide: Size, Location, Type, Home / Guides / Greenhouse Buying Guide: Size, Location, Type. The final consideration in greenhouse size is headroom!

This Victorian style greenhouse would make a striking feature in the garden. Read our step-by-step, Mini greenhouses are useful in small gardens.

The windows are made from shatterproof styrene and there is a galvanised steel pad bolt supplied with a lock and key for extra security.

The bricks hold the heat of the sun, especially at night, ideal for growing. The Hartley Owner’s Guide to Greenhouse Gardening. Try to avoid a position in deep shade, surrounded by trees. You’ll be amazed at the difference in usable space this will give you! This stylish octagonal greenhouse is made from Western Red Cedar wood which should naturally deter pests. Simplicity models have the option of coming in Old Cottage Green, to complement your garden.

No matter the size of greenhouse you choose, you can increase your growing and storage capacity by the clever use of staging, and the wider your greenhouse, the deeper staging you can use. ‘I wish I had bought a bigger greenhouse’ is the refrain of the greenhouse gardener.

Robinsons greenhouses can now be supplied in the colour of your choice, from the above contemporary selection, and can make your greenhouse a really special feature of your garden.

There are integrated rain gutters included for collecting water and there’s a 5 year guarantee from the manufacturer, too.

Consider fitting your greenhouse with bench-height staging and higher level shelving to one side. Usually the defining factors when choosing which greenhouse to buy are size and cost. Made from polycarbonate panels with a rust-resistant aluminium frame, there’s also a rain gutter for wet days and two vents for hot weather. Wooden models can be glazed to the ground but can also be half-walled with timber or bricks. There’s also a 10 year guarantee included.

If you are tall consider carefully how much of the greenhouse will be available for you to move around in. Again, traditional greenhouses are available in multiples of 2' lengths e.g.

Hartley can build bespoke greenhouses to meet your particular requirements, and can arrange to visit your site to talk over your project. A big advantage of a lean-to is that the wall itself acts as a storage heater by releasing the stored warmth of the sun into the greenhouse during the night, so creating a good growing environment.

Although this is classed as a small greenhouse, it provides enough room inside to install an 8' length of two-tier staging, with additional shelving above, placed down one side. Countless heads bear the scars of being hit whilst entering a greenhouse! In the buyers’ guide below, we explain how to choose a greenhouse and which factors you should consider. You’ll just need to exercise some discipline. ‘I wish I had bought a bigger greenhouse’ is the refrain of the greenhouse gardener.

Buy Forest Garden Vale Greenhouse at Garden Site. Your Hartley greenhouse is glazed from the outside so you will need access around the sides during the initial build. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

It still breaks, but shatters more safely. The greenhouse you eventually choose will come down to two main factors – the area you have available and your budget. Or ... What size of greenhouse should I consider? They can be used to raise seedlings or grow crops such as aubergines, peppers and tomatoes.

Here in the Greenhouse Buyers Guide we'll look at the various factors to consider when buying your new greenhouse. Simplicity Classic Greenhouse Starter Package 6ft x 8ft. The answer to this largely depends on how much growing you are planning to do, and to a lesser extent how much storage space you will need within your greenhouse. From the team at Gardeners' World Magazine. The bars are then individually hung onto jigs and sprayed with a dry powder of the required colour.

Bigger greenhouses typically offer better value for money, and an 8’x10’ often costs only 10% more than a 6’x10’. The eaves should be at least 1.5m (5ft) tall to let in plenty of light.

You should also consider the direction of the prevailing wind onto your greenhouse to ensure good ventilation. The short answer is ‘almost anything’. All prices include VAT. There’s also a choice of four different sizes depending on the space you have available. Copyright © 2018 The Greenhouse People - All rights reserved.

Buyers Guide - Choosing a greenhouse size and style, https://www.greenhousepeople.co.uk/categories/greenhouses/victorian-style-greenhouses/, Before you buy, guides, FAQs and tips (13). Two vents are included in the roof but the base on this model will need to be purchased separately. You may find. We therefore advise you to choose the biggest greenhouse you can accommodate in your garden and that you can afford. The semi-dodecagon shape of the Hartley Wisley and Highgrow models maximises the amount of growing light as the sun moves across the sky, and also affords generous internal height. There are two hanging basket rails included inside plus internal gutters and downpipes to collect rainwater. Select from a massive range of spring- and summer-flowering bulbs, hand-packed in paper bags.

As previously mentioned, the width is important because it will …

There’s a choice of six sizes depending on your outdoor area, plus five colour options including ivory, pastel sage and white. VAT number GB 268 2900 84.. Buy direct from the UK's leading greenhouse manufacturer, Simplicity Classic 6x8 Old Cottage Green Standard 2019, Simplicity Classic 6x10 Mill Standard 2019, Sherwood 6x8 Old Cottage Green Standard 2019, Simplicity Classic 6x10 Mill Ultimate 2019, Simplicity Southwold 4x8 Mill Standard 2019, 2. The bars are then baked in an oven at around 200 degrees Celsius. It’s worth paying for an automatic vent opener, or you can fit your own. The glazing panels are 100% UV protected. Dimensions: 8x12ft / H367 x W244 x D229cm, Buy Palram Essence Silver Greenhouse at Amazon. ‘Planthouse’ models onto low dwarf walls are slightly warmer than glass-to-ground greenhouses, as the brick or stone wall retains heat. Just ask. 4', 6', 8', 10' etc. Search for: Call us on 781-933-1993. We can provide all our models with wider doors and adapted staging for wheelchair users. There are also two vents for use in warmer weather. The aluminium frame is anodised, meaning it should stay looking in top condition. If you’re short on space, this miniature growing dome could be an ideal solution.

A 6’ wide greenhouse is more likely to be 6’3”.

and find the right one for you with our round up of the, how to install an automatic greenhouse vent opener, A polytunnel is cheaper but less attractive option but a good way of growing summer crops such as, A cold frame is used to supplement a greenhouse – hardening off plants, taking cuttings and shielding plants from the worst of the winter weather.

Read on for our advice or you can skip straight to our selection of greenhouses below.

The timber has been pressure treated for added strength and there is a 15 year guarantee against rot included.

The average starter greenhouse is our top selling 6' by 8' i.e. Lean-tos takes advantage of an existing wall, for example a south-facing house or garage wall. A full hardy deciduous shrub bearing masses of white flowers in spring. many widths and various lengths) it's likely that you'll find a suitable space in your garden to site one. and provides a chemical 'key' that helps the powder to stick.

The wall panels are made from clear polycarbonate glazing, with a maintenance-free aluminium frame. Dimensions: 6x12ft / H221 x W387 x D201cm, Buy Ida 7800 Lean-To Greenhouse at Primrose.

We'll create an account for you so you don't have to enter your details twice If it is necessary to purchase a base separately on a particular model, we have specified this in the description.

Why not consider increasing the width to 8’? Please take a look at our Greenhouse Colours page for more information.

Buy this exquisite six-piece set now and you’ll receive a FREE frying pan worth £55! The entire aluminium greenhouse frame goes through a 5 stage chemical pre-treatment process. Dimensions: 5x2ft / H195.8 x W146.7 x D74.3cm, Buy Forest Garden Styrene Pent Greenhouse at Buy Sheds Direct. The most important measurement is the width - traditional greenhouse styles (see below) generally offer a choice of nominal widths, in 2' increments e.g.

That compact space you used to start the seeds will triple when plants are potted up. Ideally, one long side of your greenhouse should be south facing, so the sun will run along the length of it during the day. A soil border, is a good way to grow greenhouse crops. Most gardeners wish they had a bigger greenhouse, so choose the biggest you can afford and have room for. Bigger greenhouses typically offer better value for money, and an 8’x10’ often costs only 10% more than a 6’x10’. It is important to note at this point, that the actual size of a greenhouse is larger than the nominal size stated. There are also two automatically opening roof vents plus glazing bars over the windows for extra strength. Copyright © 1938-2020 Compared to conventional "wet" paints, powder coating is a relatively new technology, that provides a vastly superior finish when applied to metals. This classic greenhouse from Rhino has toughened glass glazing plus both roof and louvre vents. Hobby greenhouses are most commonly 8 or 10 feet wide but can also range from 12 – 20 foot widths. Remember that your plants will grow. If you were thinking of buying a 6'by 8', for example, but you have the space and budget, consider upgrading to a 6'by 10’.

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