audi concert hidden menu

Auto-leveling is a mandatory function of non-halogen lights. Hi Mr fix, You’ll need HEX-CAN software AND hardware. Make sure if you are using MMI 2G or 3G system and look for hidden menu description for your system here on the blog. i also shut the car off and came back the next day, i tried to go into the hidden green menu using MENU and CAR button, no luck. Do you use latest VCDS version? When in manual and sport mode the gear number is displayed but not whilst in drive mode.

Green menu only effects MMI-related functions. Required fields are marked *. I have a MENU button. What I’m I doing wrong? Find which buttons correspond to previously used to enter green menu. In some older versions you won’t have access to hidden green menu or it will have less options then described. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 03276 – Please Check Software Version Management – How to remove? Useful information. Check coding of the MMI module (Infotainment – 5F). I’m trying to perform this function using a bluetooth obdII and an OBD terminal app on my android.

All that without diagnostic interface like VCDS. If you have MMI 3G, then it should work. just wondering if you can share the VCDS or the VAG-COM software like you kindly shared the MMI update CDs and the NAV DVDs. it either goes into the CAR or MENU scree , but not the green menu. März 2017 um 21:40 Uhr geändert. I do have bluetooth for phone. This post refers to MMI system. 1.Connect with module 5F – Control Head. 1,17 meter try with the MENU button instead of the SETUP button. After opening this function, if any of your car door is closed properly,  there will no beep when you press to lock the car, which is a good reminder for you to close all the door properly before you leave the car. When I attempt to change the 0 to 1- issue- all of the settings are at -112- and its not saving a change to 1. Read –button is grey, so I can’t push it. Hi, I have Audi a6 2009 with 3g system, have enabled channel 6 and restarted mmi but still cannot access hidden menu, any advise please. Go to block 5f  > Adaption > Jump to channel 6 and add new value 1 then click TEST and after SAVE. Exactly what is “AM/FM toggle” in the 3G hidden menu? Have successfully enabled green menu and followed Main/Diagnose/Settings/Import media. a. select module 5F Remember to click on “Update Splash Screen” to confirm your selection. Required fields are marked *, Pingback: VCDS for the new Q7 - AudiWorld Forums, This side uses cookies files to perform better. First open the hidden menu, enter Car, cardevicelist, find AuxiliaryHeating and check on restart MMI. I don’t have a SETUP button in my 2014 Q7 (US). It seems that something went wrong when updating DAB firmware or part of MMI coding is wrong so the main unit does not know that there is DAB connected to the system. :) got an a6 c7 mmi 3g +. when enabled you don’t need to go to SOURCE submenu to choose audio input.

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