anthony dawson poet

G Next year will study Graduate Diploma in Humanities. E

Married with two small children. I wish I could run back to be branches in the sky where gums offered teeth.Everyone is naked in the seasons so I terminate my eyes.The echo of infancy delivers me to limbo; the theatre of adulthood.Memories: the faces of anticipation. And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds, Poem –  She is Gone ( He Is Gone ) By David Harkins, You can close your eyes and pray that she’ll come back.

I’ll be with you in the summers sun, And when the winds chill has come.

Remember Me - Anthony Dowson. Do not let them wither or fade.

The quarryA dangerous placeScab on the earthAn operation of takeNever replacedTransported to a mismatched placeThe quarryWhere diesel infects the airHeavy revs contort the faceWhere young children sometimes playOblivious to this mixture of dangerThe quarry is like a dying faceWhere life can no longer forge a placeWhere nothing can ever be returnedexcept the memory of playing there as a child, Anthony Dawson - Anthony Dawson Poems - Poem Hunter. Know well the plight of low paid workers. I’m a liar at least once a day, a liar who confesses in some small way.... more », So proud to confront the plague of bulletsEnter the mouth of HadesArmed with eyes of fear, bayonet, Hatred of the stench filled ground, A heart beating in unison with machine guns... more », I wish I could run back to be branches in the sky where gums offered teeth.... more », Hello modern worldWhere two suns burnOne a fire which determines my breathThe other a thief which steals my guests from... more », A bright afternoon, the day of sound,... more », Ancient minds found the heart of art; meticulous with the earths raw gifts.... more », My mystery is ripeLuscious, sweet, unforgettable tasteWailing wallsPyramids, Stonehenge and Easter Island... more », Words forced into my brainFrom these arranged insightsSpongy intake of gossipTabloid... more », You! Don't listen to Ashley Olson - you are a very fine poet. I'll be with you in the summer's sun And when the winter's chill has come. H Every morning a woman comes and hand picks her rubbish - Gems discarded by the elite of the city. Next year will study Graduate Diploma in Humanities.

You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday. Of a man as a man, regardless of his birth. Was he ever ready, with words of good cheer. U All information has been reproduced here for educational and informational purposes to benefit site visitors, and is provided at no charge... Recite this poem (upload your own video or voice file). V My splendid cargo Tossed about on mountains of foamBut not to forever languish.

I was just dreaming of you.... more », Shape and concoct from clay a small bowlfrom which infant hands can wash and eat.... more », For one full season I swayed with the leaves, I fell to the ground in autumn,... more », My earth warms, my arctic will turn green.... more », My splendid cargo; Tossed about on mountains of foamBut not to forever languish... more », Know one ever really knew him, they just assumedOh how little a town can beScouring with grudges, Tearing his arms... more », Water seduced me in my early days offering me the eyes of a fish,... more », Shells on the sand from the live sea, shells of automobiles rusting.... more », Acting on the impetuous tongue, much unseen currency wandered into grasp.... more », Feet pace the hallways length; anticipation of tomorrow’s first time job... more », I saw your face, the peach face;... more », I stood amid destruction; water trickled through corridors and pores emulating tears.... more », Buddha sits and quietly reflects.Buddha has been sprayed in artificial jade,... more », Early morning changes my colour, Weakens my magnet for you to escape into sleepI asked the girl in the corridor if she was aMorning bird, she smiled then floated into the... more », Creating a horse with the floating clouds.Upward vision into the path of super-jets.... more », A man I metwho likes the odd drinkTold me to believe only half of what I see and nothing of what I read... more », Resist the temptation to yellas this expression gets under my skin; I shudder and my soul is disturbed.... more », Into the night the revellers digNot for gems or liquid power, comfort in another mouth;... more », Again I enter where I have never beenThrough the passage and into the world I createWhat I create will again conceive a different tomorrowA want of the better, and more of the unknown... more », A woman stands illuminated by a single light, shivers in a capsule as the cold night bites her ankles,... more », Cream laden valleysAntarctic canyons and elevationsWhitest milk from the greenest fields; Impossible neutrality... more », At least tomorrow I can sleep, ignore the rapid fury of open eyes rasping my presence.... more », Clouds are my moving treasure, free, abundant, loomingas grey death or simply washing clean a slate of trials.... more », Every morning a woman comes and hand picks her rubbish -Gems discarded by the elite of the city.... more », Your face retains the remnants of yesterdayYour clothes and dwelling all entered this passage through yesterdayYesterday is etched in your love... more », Scanitly clad women roam the floors of nighclubs, hotels; Expose flesh on the beach, materialize the lust in men.... more », The quarryA dangerous placeScab on the earthAn operation of take... more », I can't yet hear the grind of the factoryI have just woken and my heart is racingMy heart is a racing fuseToday I begin life as someone else... more », Noises in the night under dark cloud skiesThat keep missing the moon.... more ».

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