ancient frankish civil law code

Transmission was entirely oral. ** A lito was a form of serf in the feudal system, a half-free farmer, connected to the lord's land but not owned by that lord. The Carlist Wars occurred in Spain over the question of whether the heir to the throne should be a female or a male relative. [12] Some of the internal documents were composed after the reign of Pepin the Short, but it is considered to be an emendation initiated by Pepin, and is therefore termed the Pipina Recensio. This law was by no means intended to cover all matters of inheritance—for example, not the inheritance of movables—only those lands considered "Salic"—and there is still debate as to the legal definition of this word, although it is generally accepted to refer to lands in the royal fisc. The Salic law, at the time, was not yet invoked: the arguments put forward in favor of Philip V relied only on the degree of proximity of Philip V with St. Louis. Philip won over the Duke of Burgundy by giving him his daughter, also named Joan, in marriage, with the counties of Artois and Burgundy as her eventual inheritance. Although it was originally intended as the law of the Salians or Western Franks,[4] it has had a formative influence on the tradition of statute law that extended to modern history in Western and Central Europe, especially in the German states, the Netherlands, parts of Italy and Spain, Austria-Hungary, Romania, and the Balkans.

another system of succession, known as cognatic male primogeniture, which actually fulfills apparent stipulations[clarification needed] of the original Salic law: succession is allowed also through female lines, but excludes the females themselves in favour of their sons. . There was opportunity for either daughter to succeed to the French throne. Of a Frankish people Of a mineral group Of an ancient Frank Of certain Franks. But in this treatise a legal precedent had been set that would thenceforward be associated with the Salic Law. Agnes of France, daughter of Saint Louis, mother of the Duke of Burgundy, and maternal grandmother of the Princess Joan, considered it an usurpation and demanded an assembly of the peers, which Philip V accepted. Another Capetian lineage, the Montfort of Brittany, claimed male succession in the Duchy of Brittany. Primogeniture, or the preference for the eldest line in the transmission of inheritance, eventually emerged in France, under the Capetian kings. Luxembourg passed to the House of Orange-Nassau's distantly-related agnates, the House of Nassau-Weilburg. Of early Franks. Originally dealing primarily with criminal penalties and procedures, with some civil law included, the Salic Law evolved over the centuries, and it would later play an important role in the rules governing royal succession; specifically, it would be used in the rule barring women from inheriting the throne. Of a Frankish people Of a mineral group Of an ancient Frank Of certain Franks. In this they were supported by the King of England, while their rivals who claimed the traditional female succession in Brittany were supported by the King of France.

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